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The support of 2 or more people can tremendously boost your motivation and will power. Now you can find good diet buddies that will support you through email. It's a great way to CONNECT with others and share encouragement, recipes, tips and ideas.

Secure and Safe

We created a safe and secure environment to meet new friends and form support groups by taking our brief diet buddy survey. The information in the survey goes to our database and a personal profile of you is generated. 

Members of "My Diet Buddy" will read your profile information and introduce themselves by email. Your profile will NOT include personal information, only general information that's related to lifestyle and weight loss such as:

  • First Name Only

  • Amount of Weight you need to lose

  • Type of diet you're following

  • Amount of exercise

  • Your struggle with weight loss

  • Short bio about yourself

  • Hobbies

All information is kept confidential and you will NEVER be solicited. The profile information is strictly for members of My Diet Buddy. Members who share similar traits and lifestyle will contact you by email.

We forward all first time messages from My Diet Buddy members to you. Your email address is NEVER revealed to anyone reading your profile. We protect your privacy by forwarding all first time messages to you. You then reply to messages from members who would like to meet you and possibly form a support group. You can answer all messages or just a few, it's up to you!



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